Wedding games: the garter
Wedding games: the garter

In terms of wedding games, the games around the bridal garter are a classic.

Several types of games are possible around the bridal garter:

Auctions for the garter

This type of game implies that of participants bet a sum in order to win it (you can replace the bets with another game to determine the winner). The winner will have to unhook the bridal garter with the hand.

In order not to offend the bride, we can also designate the groom as the winner, straight away. Another version of the game, more daring, consists in removing the garter with the teeth (!).

Garter Throw

Garter can also be thrown, as the bride throws her bouquet of flowers (to single men who will be "married within the year").

The winner, who manages to catch up with the garter on the fly, earns the right to dance with the bride.

The service game

The game of services (rendered to the bride and groom) is in fact a game in the style of musical chairs (the guest has to go get an object and bring it back) where the loser has to do a favor for the bride and groom.

For this game, expect 13 participants: 12 losers for the 12 months of the year, and the winner of the garter.

Indeed losers are given a month of the year and a service to be rendered to the bride and groom : babysitting, crafts, cooking for the bride and groom ...

It also allows the bride and groom to see their friends very regularly during this first year of union. Original and nice!

See you soon for other wedding game ideas!

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