Costumes to create a living nativity scene
Costumes to create a living nativity scene

This year, why not dress up for Christmas? You can even create a living nativity scene, thanks to the disguises that we offer you below, available on the online costume shops.

Jesus costume

Dressing up as Jesus, very well seen for Christmas! We are offering you a disguise of Jesus Christ with a beautiful finish, and composed of the tunic, the toga and a crown of thorns:

Jesus Christ costume

The essential complement of this disguise is of course the wig and beard kit:

Jesus wig and beardAll you have to do is equip yourself with sandals and a pilgrim's staff, and voila !

Marie costume

The disguise of Mary that we offer is rather faithful to the traditional representation of the mother of Jesus, dressed in blue and white and in a simple way:

Marie costume

This Marie costume is quite complete since it includes the white dress, the blue cape, a blue belt and a white veil. Complete it with a pair of open, simple shoes.

Joseph costume

If you opt for a disguise of Mary and Jesus, the costume of Joseph the carpenter is an essential complement ! It consists of the headdress, the dress and the jacket chocolate color.

Joseph costumeThis disguise is complete too, easily, thanks to matching sandals and a stick.

Angel costume

A simple disguise, available in our store in three different sizes.

Angel costume

For the angel costume, see our article on religious disguises, monk, parish priest.

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