Dress up as Michael Jackson
Dress up as Michael Jackson

For New Years Eve or for the next fancy dress party, you have decided to dress up as Michael Jackson, the King of pop ? Great idea !

To help you, articles-fetes.net offers you a small article on the essential elements of any Michael Jackson costume.

Several songs, several costumes

Who says Michael Jackson, says songs. Among the commercially available costumes, you will most often find disguises relating to Bad, Thriller or Beat it songs. Here are their specificities.

Costume of Michael Jackson in Thriller

All in red and black, the Thriller costume has a shiny appearance and furiously evokes the 80s.

Costume Michael Jackson in Thriller

You can also decorate this costume with a wig if your hair is not long enough (see end of article). For shoes, black "city" shoes will be perfect.

Disguise of Michael Jackson in Beat It

The Beat It costume is very simple: a red leather jacket, with sleeves rolled up to the elbows, long curly hair, foundation, black pants and a white t-shirt.

Costume Michael Jackson in Beat It

White socks are very important!

Disguise of Michael Jackson in Bad

Bad's disguise is quite complex to reproduce, because the jacket and the pants worn by the star in this clip are very specific.

Disguise of Michael Jackson in Bad

We offer you an easy solution thanks to this very complete kit, composed of the jacket, pants, mittens, 2 belts (!), bracelets and overboots.

To complete this awesome set, consider foundation and a wig (see in the "Accessories" section of this article)!

Disguise of Michael Jackson in Billie Jean

The disguise of Michael Jackson in Billie Jean is all in sequins and rhinestones.

Costume of Michael Jackson in Billie Jean

The one we offer in our fancy dress shop is one of the most complete, and includes the famous socks and the shiny glove, the shirt and the jacket. The only thing missing is the pants.

Indispensable accessories

Costume accessories are essentials if you really want to be convincing at your next costume party.

Initially, this hat is a Borsalino that the american star wore in the Billie Jean music video. However, it is suitable for many Michael Jackson costumes. Wear it leaning forward!

Hat of Michael Jackson in Billie Jean

In the same style, we offer sequined hats:

  • Glitter hatMichael's gloves and socks

These accessories are supplied with the Billie Jean costume. They superbly catch the light. Nice ! We will offer them soon, sold separately.

  • Make-up and foundation

To polish up your disguise, think about foundation and glitter! You will find them in the Makeup department of decorations-fetes.fr.

The wig is most often required because it seems that Michael Jackson has almost always had long hair.

Michael Jackson's wig in Bad

Send us your photos of fancy dress parties!

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