Dress up as Elvis Presley
Dress up as Elvis Presley

Here we present different styles of elvis presley costume, depending on the times and its hits.

These costumes are of excellent quality with very realistic finishes.

To access the products corresponding to the photos available on the online costume shops. Attention, the number of these costumes is very limited, so if you are interested, do not wait any longer!

Costume of Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock - 1957

here is the costume from the famous clip very Rock'n Roll from the song "Jailhouse rock". It's the start of success of Elvis. Reproduced identically, this is a prisoner's disguise hence the black and white stripes on his T-shirt and the nut number on the black jacket.

Costume of Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock

Look at them superb swaying that this singer is able to do and try to imitate him in order to bring down the young ladies during your costume party.

Golden Elvis Presley Costume

On the cover “50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong” - 1958. Here is a elvis disguise who throws it! Entirely gilded, it reflects the light like a "star". Perfect for a disco party thanks to this typical ruffle shirt from the 1960s.

Elvis Presley Gold Costume from an Album Cover

Elvis Presley costume, The Comeback Special - 1968

The reappearance of Elvis Presley after 7 years of absence will be on television, in a one-man show style. He will wear this full leather suit in black color and will perform all of his past hits.

Disguise of Elvis Presley in Are you looking for trouble 1968

A great moment of music! If you count resume his titles in song or in karaoke, do not forget to bring a microphone.

Costume of Elvis Presley in If I can dream - 1968

In lover mode with this disguise as Elvis Presley wore among other things in his concert where he performed "If I can dream".

Disguise of Elvis Presley in If I can dream

Costume of Elvis Presley in Suspicious Minds - 1969

The most rock of disguises than the one below! A big white jumpsuit adorned from the collar to the knees by sparkling diamonds. We immerse ourselves in disco years with those Elephant feet marked and this open collar. Elvis Presley Costume, Suspicious Minds, 1977

With this costume, the golden star glasses are highly recommended, as well as the banana haircut.

For this, either you are a hairstylist, or you opt for a wig all ready.

Here are some very attractive models ...

Elvis Presley wigs

Elvis Presley Wig, Banana Cut

The banana Of course ! What could be more obvious to take yourself for The King ? Simply effective!

Original Elvis Presley's Pink Wig, The King

More original and more daring! This wig has big paws and a huge banana ... pink ! Why can't we be a rockstar and very sensitive ??? We wish you great success for your evening!

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