Disco costume accessories: necklaces
Disco costume accessories: necklaces

After presenting you with disco costume ideas, we wanted to go a little further by unearthing some original and funny disco accessories. In this part we will see an overview of the necklaces in disco style. To find them on online sales sites, click on the images. Here they are, these superb accessories:

"Disco": flaunt the style

This pendant of golden color clearly displays the genre of the evening. It is formed by the word "disco", full of shiny, sparkling patterns reminiscent of diamonds. This pendant is mounted on a chain also gold color.

It will suit both men and women. Very original.

Necklace detail

Mirror ball necklace: original

the symbol of disco parties hangs around your neck. The typical mirror balls, or mirror ball, will reflect the lights from the strobes all around you. An accessory for women and men, very playful and remarkable.

Disco ball necklace, disco costume

Pearl necklaces: they go with everything

More classic, the pearl necklace, here black or red, will complete with chic your disco costume. It can be matched with a similar bracelet. Very elegant, it will highlight your feminine side.

Red pearl necklace, disco style Black pearl necklace, disco style

Find many other ideas in our department costume accessories.

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