Decoration ideas: candlesticks
Decoration ideas: candlesticks


Candlesticks are often very elegant decorative elements. This one, with a torch candle will bring height and a distinguished side to your table: example with this table decoration and this one. Made of black painted glass, its shape evokes the Baroque style, supported by the white color of the candle torch. Indeed, the baroque is often declined in black and white.

Black glass candle holder and its white torch candle

Often arranged in pairs (one on each side of the table runner if it is installed in the length of the table), the torch candles allow during romantic dinners, to create a very romantic atmosphere.

If it is a meal with a large number of people, you can arrange them regularly all along the table, or only at the ends.

The candle holders

Often small, candle holders are used more to create an atmosphere than to illuminate. Here are a few examples, in different styles.

72003LAP01 hop12.jpg

Diverted products

Here are some hijacking ideas, used as a candle holder.

Candle holder made with a glass jar, sand and torch candle

This little glass pot with a closing lid was filled with sand in order to hold this very tall candle. Perfect for a decoration of kitchen table.

Other examples

Here are other various and varied examples of candle holders and candles. Then it's up to you to let your imagination run wild.

Candle holder made of a pile of pebbles with pebble candle

A pebble candle on top of a bunch of real pebbles, nice, right?


Metal candle holder and tea lightsThis beautiful candle holder will allow you to make a very nice centerpiece, by placing tea lights on it.

Asian style metallic candle holder

This type of candle holder will be perfect for a decor in an asian style, zen.

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