Disposable napkins: types, materials, colors
Disposable napkins: types, materials, colors

In this file, we present the different ranges of disposable towels, which vary in color, material, weight and use.

Indeed, not all towels are suitable for all uses. More details below.

Turquoise towel

Weights of towels

What is the weight of a towel? It is the density of a piece of paper or another material, ie its mass in relation to its surface.

In summary, the higher the grammage of a disposable towel, the more resistant this towel will be to twisting, folding and tearing. Weight also affects how it feels to the touch.

Napkin folds

The weight is an element to absolutely take into account when purchasing disposable towels, whatever the material in which it is made. To do this, simply look at the indications on the back of the packaging.

If, for example, you want to make napkin folds, It is essential use heavyweight napkins or your creation will tear.

Weight measurement

The weight of a disposable towel is measured in grams / square meter.

Weights generally range from 45 gr / m2 (the simple napkin that tears too easily) to 140 gr / m2 (almost too heavy a weight for general public use). The prices are of course to match.

The table below will allow you to see more clearly in your choice of towels.

Weight (gr / m2) Advantages Disadvantages Uses
45 -> 59 Low price Not very rewarding "paper" aspect

Tears easily

Not suitable for folding towels

60 Good value for money

"Fabric" aspect

More varied and elaborate colors

Not suitable for some napkin folds


Basic napkin folds

70 Good value for money

"Fabric" aspect

More varied and elaborate colors

Good water absorption

The best compromise



Complex napkin folds

71 -> 140

Maximum quality

Rewarding aspect

Excellent water absorption

Rarely available in store

High price


Complex napkin folds

Disposable napkin materials

The napkin materials are varied:

  • the paper : made from fibers of trees or other plants (below, a decorated napkin):

Paper Napkins Cars

  • celisoft ®: a very resistant material, with high absorbency, with a "fabric" appearance:

Celisoft towel

  • the non-woven : a "paper" obtained by compression, it is therefore not woven, hence its name:

Non-woven towel

  • cotton wool : wadding is a finer cotton than conventional cotton, with a very silky feel. In general, cotton wool is present in all paper towels, in greater or lesser quantity.

Cotton napkin, heart shape

In the choice of the material of towels, everything is also a matter of budget and use (see above). Most often, so-called “low-end” napkins are made of paper. However, there are some very aesthetic ones (like the Coeur napkins above).

As soon as we go up in budget, and therefore that we extend the possible uses, other materials can be used.

Napkin colors

The colors of towels are very varied, and thanks to the introduction of new materials, new, brighter colors have been introduced.

Folding napkins

Have you made your choice among these towels? If your napkins are suitable for napkin folding, do not forget to visit our Napkin Folding Videos section.

Napkin folds

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