Wedding fairs: some tips to be effective
Wedding fairs: some tips to be effective

The wedding fair season is slowly approaching. Each year, many wedding fairs are organized in France, in Paris and in the provinces. At Décoration Fêtes, we know that visiting a Wedding Fair cannot be improvised. Here are some tips to make the most of it:

Prepare a list of things to see or do

The most important thing when deciding which wedding fair to go to is knowing Why you are going there. To see models of wedding dresses? Contact photographers? Talk about the organization or your budget with a wedding planner? Save time and "make money" from your day by keeping in mind the reasons for your coming. This is important, because the solicitations on a Wedding Fair are very numerous.

Free up time

Plan a half day or a full day on site (depending on the size of the show and your needs), if you really want to take advantage of it. This will prevent you from running from one stand to another. Another great plan is to visit the show on Fridays to avoid the crowds, when dates and your availability permit.

Plan your transportation option

Have you thought of everything? At the price of the (often high) parking lot for the show? To book your train tickets? All of these might seem like details, but will give you peace of mind on D-Day.

Book your tickets in advance

To obtain your entrance tickets to the show at a preferential price, remember to book well in advance (several months). You will save on the entrance fee and avoid the queues once there.

The Grand Salon du Marriage, in Paris.

Film your visit to the wedding fair

Take a camera, a camera (if allowed) or a notepad. This will allow you to write down your favorites, an address or a number, and why not film the parade (if applicable)!

Comfortable shoes are required

Wear comfortable shoes. Lounge aisles can be very long and you will be standing for hours.

Make-up, free makeover… Take advantage

Enjoy the animations, often free: "makeover", hairstyle advice, dance lessons, creative hobbies, everything is good to take: take advantage of it! Your best bet is to avoid rush hour.

Take the time to think

Never sign "hot", at the show, a proposal from a service provider, even if you are told about "exceptional reduction". Example : If you want to hire a DJ, go see him play before hiring him, or ask for a demo.

Relativize. An expensive product or service is not necessarily synonymous with quality, just as a cheap product is not necessarily bad.

We hope that all of these tips will give you a good time at the wedding fair you will be visiting. Your comments on this article are of course welcome.

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