Organize a fireworks display for your wedding
Organize a fireworks display for your wedding

More and more trendy, fireworks are a must for close a wedding (or another festive event such as a birthday, or for July 14, New Year's Eve / New Year's Eve). It will make your event special and your guests will remember it.

Organize a fireworks display for your wedding

Ideal for New Year's Eve or a wedding

How to make your wedding guests dream and make this day memorable? By organizing a fireworks display of course! The fireworks that we offer in store are of professional quality and will really amaze you.

We're not talking about kid's firecrackers or rockets, but really fireworks. In general, these bring so much emotion to a wedding that the bride and groom cry (true)! What's more, by getting together, the friends of the bride and groom can prepare a surprise fireworks display for them.

An unforgettable event

There is a much better chance that your guests will remember the fireworks display you offered more than what was on their plate. The idea of ​​a fireworks display that is easy to set up and secure is the perfect way to end the happiest day of your life.

Below is a summary of the fireworks and firecracker legislation, and the advice of the team.

Organize a fireworks display for your wedding

What types of fireworks?

There are two types of products:

  • "suitcase" boxes ready to fire, offering a single ignition point and optimum safety. The duration goes from 1 to 7 minutes (nothing prevents you from completing these kits, to lengthen the duration, add an effect) ...
  • “exploded” packs, each pack has a separate wick. This solution is also secure but requires more dexterity (design of an ignition plan). On the other hand, it allows you to choose the order of the different tables and to stick as closely as possible to your budget.

Appearance of explosions : the bombs go up between 30 and 60 meters high and are of professional quality (see photos).

Fireworks legislation

Fireworks are classified into 4 groups:

  • K1 : manipulated by minors
  • K2 and K3 : handled by adults only
  • K4 : reserved for professional fireworks

The products offered in store are K3. Ideally, get permission from the owner of the shooting range. A prefectural decree may prohibit fireworks due to severe drought, risk of fire. In the event of wind exceeding 50 km / h or in the event of a thunderstorm, it is strongly recommended not to shoot fireworks.

The advice of

Security instructions :

  • fix your fireworks
  • respect the distances specific to each element (in general, spectator recoil equivalent to the height of the shot)

To further increase the "security" side, there are also remote controls (and for more comfort). In our store Les Relais de la Fête in Angers, a team specializing in fireworks will give you the best advice, and will help you compose your fire according to your budget.

Conclusion and how to find the store

Shooting fireworks for your wedding is sure to be a real success. The products offered today are high quality, easy, secure, affordable and straightforward.

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