Easily create a DIY centerpiece
Easily create a DIY centerpiece
This central decoration will be ideal for a spring party table. She will give relief at your table, a point too often overlooked. Centerpiece for a spring atmosphere


You just need a few elements, which you can adapt according to your needs and own ideas:
  • wooden sticks long enough, about 20 cm, such as barbecue skewers
  • rattan balls in different sizes and colors
  • pierced wood flowers, or beads whose hole is the same size as your chopsticks
  • wood bark, sand or granules
  • vase
Centerpiece for a spring atmosphere


Take a wooden stick on which you will thread a first wood flower. If you have pretty pearls you want to use, the only constraint is to have a similar diameter of wand and beads. Start sliding a rattan ball up to the flower. We advise you to start with a small ball rattan to create an aesthetic “skewer”. Choose another ball, a little bigger and of a different color (there are many colors). Thread as many balls as possible in this way, ending with a smaller one. You will finish this skewer by putting back a wood flower. Make several skewers in this way. Note that you don't have to redo them in exactly the same order. However, keep the same colors by limiting yourself to a maximum of three. When you have enough chopsticks made, get a vase or a pretty container. Pour sand, granules or wood bark almost to the top of the vase. If you choose to put colored sand, it is interesting to superimpose several layers of sand of various colors. All you have to do is plant your skewers, at least two, in your vase.

And here is a nice centerpiece, very easy to perform and fast!

Centerpiece for a spring atmosphere

Find the decorative accessories used

  • Rattan balls
  • Wooden skewers
  • Wooden flowers pierced in their middle
  • Colored sand box

See you soon for other decoration tips!

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