Sea Themed Wedding Invitations Idea
Sea Themed Wedding Invitations Idea
Wedding atmosphere on the theme of the sea Here are some ideas for making personalized wedding invitations.

The form

You can choose to make an original card cutout for your invitations. To do this, you just have to list the symbolic beings and objects of the sea whose silhouette or shape you can reproduce on your map. It is therefore preferable to opt for a recognizable silhouette.
  • Theme "natural sea »: Fish, shell, seahorse, seagull, boat, anchor, wave, starfish.
  • Travel theme : parasol, sandcastle, palm tree, turtle, dolphin, multicolored fish, compass, barometer.
  • Seabed exploration theme : diving suit, mask and snorkel, bottle in the sea, porthole, submarine, nautilus, coral.
  • Beach vacation theme : deckchair, flip flops, beach cabin, shovel and bucket, sand castle.
It is also possible to make a folding origami, inside which you will write your text. Here is a link on which you will find several nice traditional folds.

Origami fish

origami fish

A very simple invitation folding idea: make a triptych (two flaps that close) and illustrate a window that opens onto the sea ...

The subjects

Once your cut is made, you can decorate, according to the chosen pattern, your invitation with material from the ocean. It is relatively easy to deposit sand on your map in the shape of a sand castle for example, previously coated with glue. You can also create cutouts in your card (like a window), pass a natural cord, set small seashells, of Driftwood or fish net. There are papers with pearly reflections that will allow you to reproduce fish scales.

The style of wedding invitation


In relation to the sea, you have a large number of cards that can serve as a support for your announcements:
  • boarding passes or passport, for the "longest journey of love"
  • postcards, for an eternal vacation. You can use your own photos, if some are important to you, or you can take a photo of the place of your wedding, your first romantic date ...
Holiday postcard

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  • maritime geographical maps : generally use topographic codes, then it's up to you to invent islands in the shape of hearts ...
  • treasure map : heat and burn the edges of a fairly solid paper, to create a parchment that will show your guests the way to the "treasure"

old maritime map

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For ideas of original invitations, be aware that you can send items by post. The cost being of course higher than for a classic letter, we advise you to send it only to your very close friends and family: The bottle in the sea contains a rolled parchment that will announce the date and place of your wedding. Do not hesitate to add a little sand or a few seashells. Be careful not to drag your invitation too far, so your friends can pull it out. You can roll it up tight, then hold it with a small rope to make sure it gets picked up. Bottle in the sea wedding invitation The deckchair : using a mini clothespin, hang your message on the top of the deckchair. Relaxed atmosphere guaranteed! deckchair-marque-place-turquoise-e4856 If you have any original ideas for invitations, don't hesitate to leave us a comment! We look forward to your tips ...

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