Dress up inexpensively!
Dress up inexpensively!

You will shortly be participating in a costume party on the theme of cinema, actors or musicians ? You have few ideas and don't want to invest in an expensive disguise ? We suggest you compose a disguise of one of the singer-actors of the Blues brothers. Indeed their atypical look will allow you to be quickly recognized.

Disguise yourself inexpensively

Photo by Rovdyr

The distinctive attributes of the Blues Brothers

  • a black hat Borsalino style
  • from sunglasses all black
  • a black tie
  • from sideburns (part of the beard above the cheeks)
  • a black costume and a white shirt

He is relatively easy to get hold of a black suit, if you don't already have one. Black sunglasses and a tie are also common.

All you have to do is complete your disguise with a pair of sideburns (or favorites) and a black hat in Borsalino style (those of the gangsters of the 20s and 30s).

Disguise yourself inexpensively

You will find some of these costume accessories on the sites dedicated to the party.

 The Borsalino

The black tie

The black sideburns

glitter micro dummy

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