Baptism Tradition – Holiday Decorations
Baptism Tradition – Holiday Decorations


Baptism is a "sacrament" (a religious ceremony marking a stage of life) for Christians. It marks theentry of a person, adult or child, in the community of believerss.

What is a baptism?

Who can be baptized?

Children like adults can be baptized. Baptism is prepared with a priest for several months (for children) or two years (for adults).

For adults, the period of preparation is called the catechumenate.

Godfather and godmother

The choice of godfather and godmother is made among close family members or friends who are chosen by the father for the godfather, by the mother for the godmother.

Adults wishing to be baptized also choose people to accompany them. It is possible to choose several godfathers or godmothers.

The godparents undertake to accompany the baptized future, spiritually and humanly.

Civil baptism

Alternative to religious baptism, civil baptism. For non-believers who still want to have an official ceremony for their child, the civil baptism is possible, it takes place in town hall. It is also called civil sponsorship.

It has no religious character or legal value, but celebrates the birth of the child and his entry into the republic. A godfather and a godmother can be appointed.

What is a baptism?

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What Happens After Baptism?

Usually a meal follows the ceremony. It is the time to party and get together with family.

We usually buy dragees who are distributed to the guests. On the party supply stores, you will find some items specific to baptism, presented below.

Dragees and containers, table decoration in the shape of a small dove, torch candles, the elements presented often relate to the world of children, because it is often children who are baptized.

High quality sugared almonds (chocolate, almonds, etc.)


Adorable sugared almonds clothes

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