Happy birthday to you – Holiday Decorations
Happy birthday to you – Holiday Decorations

To slip into the skin of the sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, you will have to imitate his style. Here are some tips that you will find useful ...

Marilyn Monroe's hair

You cannot avoid this step of the hairstyle, since much of the star's glamor is based on her hairstyle.
If you did not know, know that Marilyn Monroe at the beginning of her career lightened her hair on the advice of modeling agents, in order to accentuate her femininity.

If you are platinum blonde with squared hair (and you are relatively patient!), You can achieve a Marilyn hairstyle.

For this, do you styling on slightly damp hair, apply medium rolls quite tight. Once your hair is dry, gently roll out your curls with your fingers. Then crepe and lacquer the top hair or the fringe by making a left line and bringing the hair back to the right.

Hairstyle of Marilyn Monroe

Otherwise there is obviously a much simpler solution: a blonde wig "à la Marilyn Monroe" ! You will find them on online costume sales sites.

Marilyn's makeup

Start by applying a thin layer of face powder or powder, preferably clear, to unify your skin.

If possible, redraw your eyebrows in pencil and create a fake mole between the mouth and the cheek, also called a "fly".

Then apply a bright red lipstick, essential step.

Finish with the eyes: go from eyeliner on the upper eyelid and rest fto eyelashes for a very sensual effect (see reference at the bottom of the article).

Marilyn by Andy Warhol 1967

Image taken from http://classes.design.ucla.edu/

Mrs. Monroe's clothing

In the 1950s, the style of dresses was cinched very high on the waist with a voluminous petticoat, a clear neckline, preferably in V. If you do not have a dress of this kind ready made, cheat by tightening the waist with a wide belt, and adding petticoats under your skirt.

For details: from large clip-on earrings and why not a head scarf and sunglasses to play the movie star.

For shoes, do not be afraid to gain height thanks to small matching pumps to your dress.

Marilyn Monroe dress

Image taken from http://quietglover.com/

Here's what you'll look like after these great tips!

All you have to do is practice singing "Happy Birthday to you"

with the sensuality of Marilyn!

Find essential accessories to transform you into a star :

  • Blonde wig Marilyn Monroe
  • False eyelashes, nails, and glitter
  • Bright red lipstick
  • Tube of pink powder
  • 50s style glasses
  • Wide black vinyl belt
  • Glitter singer microphone

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