How to organize a balloon release
How to organize a balloon release
Organizing a balloon release is more and more fashionable for any festive event that you want to give an extra touch of prestige, and many people choose this option for their wedding or even their birthday. The balloon release is a fun way to liven up your festivities, and kids love it! Plus, you won't need a lot of gear, other than balloons and helium, of course.

Colors and textures

An idea easy to implement, and which will prove your good taste, is to match the colors of your balloons to those of your wedding. You will find on the site many different colors and qualities of balloons. If you count inflate your balloons with helium (highly recommended by our team!), preferably opt for models optimized for this. You will get a good hold of your balloons over time, and this will delay their bursting. Photo of a balloon release

Release of balloons during the launch of the A380 in Toulouse. Nice, no?

Balloon release technique

You need to plan a minimum of one balloon per person (especially if you want to hang a cardboard box with your contact details, which will be returned to you by the person who found the balloon). A helium bottle will ensure efficient inflation and rapid ascent, essential for a beautiful release of balloons. The handling of a helium cylinder is easy, and there is no risk of explosion. Be careful not to inflate your balloons more than 12 hours in advance, because these will wither and the whole effect would then be wasted. Inflation can only be done an hour or two before the actual release, as the procedure is quite quick. Just plan a place for storage balloons, which can also be used to inflate them. Attach bolduc to your balloons will give them a more elegant side, or attach the boxes to the tail of the balloons, if you have chosen this option.


Budget balloon release

The purchase of a helium bottle on online sales sites costs around € 39.90 per 25 balloons. For hire (a returnable bottle only available in store), count € 80 to inflate around 70 balloons. Store rental most often requires a security deposit, in the form of an uncashed check. The bolduc costs less than € 5 per 50-meter roll. A single roll of ribbon is therefore sufficient for the release of balloons.

Ball release competition

Some organizers or balloon release providers also provide for a competition, without real stake, consisting in seeing his balloon carried as far as possible by the winds. A small card, attached to the balloon using a ribbon for example, allows you to contact the person to whom the balloon has been allocated. Thus, participants could potentially be contacted by the person who found their balloon. A sort of aerial “bottle in the sea” sort of (source:

Precautions to take

For sending balloons, plan a clear place so that they do not get caught in the branches of a tree during "take-off". It would be too bad! Also remember to ask for an authorization, if you live near an airport. To do this, contact the airport concerned directly.

You are ready) ? You just have to equip yourself:

  • helium or air balloons
  • helium bottles
  • bolduc
  • cards for the competition (to create yourself)

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