The different types of almond and chocolate dragees
The different types of almond and chocolate dragees

Almond dragees

The Avola duchess dragee

The Avola almond comes exclusively from Sicily. She is very rare and fragrant. Composed of 51% of a firm and fruity almond, it is covered with a very fine sugar coating. Its curved shape ends with elegance in a point like a drop. Very refined, it is a high quality sugared almonds. This dragee is available in 5 colors.

Dragees Avola color green anise

The longuette / Catalan dragee

Originally from Catalonia, this dragee is called longuette because of its tapered shape. The almond makes up this 45% dragee and is coated with a very thin layer of sugar. Its taste is very fine. All connoisseurs will be seduced by its delicate flavor. This dragee is available in 5 colors.

Ivory-colored Catalan dragees

Chocolate dragees

The "Goddess" dragee

Chocolate lovers will particularly appreciate this dragee with a tender heart. Made with dark chocolate (70% cocoa), it is very balanced.

The fine sugar coating, allows to keep intact the pleasure of the flavor of chocolate in the mouth. This dragee is available in 17 colors.

Fuchsia Goddess Dragees

The Mini Heart

These mini hearts are garnished with fine chocolate (70% cocoa) with a delicate sugar coating. Their original form will allow you to decorate your table in the most romantic way thanks to these quality sugared almonds. This dragee is available in 15 colors.

Dragees mini-hearts turquoise color

Not only will you find the great classics in very good quality in the candy department of, but you will also discover original sweets for your celebrations.

The original confectionery

Coconut velvet

Coconut velvets are made up of an appetizing almond (26.5%) covered with dark chocolate and white chocolate.

His coconut coating gives it a very pleasant exotic side. This treat is ideal for any occasion: wedding, baptism, birth ...

Coconut Velvet Confectionery


Exquisite confectionery transmitting all the flavor of the famous Italian dessert. This tiramisu-style confectionery is composed of a nougatine covered with dark chocolate.

Its finish is speckled. Melting in the mouth, it will be appreciated by all gourmets.

Tiramisu confectionery


A beautiful little ball! Its spherical shape and white color is reminiscent of a snowball or a hailstone.

At its heart is a whole roasted hazelnut, which is covered with a thin layer of chocolate and sugar with a dappled appearance. Ideal for a wedding, a baptism or for Christmas.

Confectionery Hailstones

Chocolate lentils

Color and more color! These candies with colored sugar coating consist of a quality chocolate (70% cocoa).

They have a deliciously tangy taste. Green, orange, red, pink… A festival of color for a successful party!

Lentil confectionery

Nougat eggs

The nougat eggs have a delicious toasted hazelnut coated in milk chocolate (54% cocoa) covered with a coating with nougat cream (13%). A delicious quality treat for all special occasions.

Nougat Egg Confectionery

You will find these dragees and sweets in the dragee shelves of your favorite stores, as well as a wide choice of dragee containers and displays.

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