Smartphone Applications for Weddings – Holiday Decorations
Smartphone Applications for Weddings – Holiday Decorations

Today we present to you smartphone applications that will simplify your life future grooms.

My wedding iGuideIGuide Wedding iPhone application

This app is a welcome help in wedding preparation. It allows you to be helped by wedding-planners : advice, tips and practical sheets will help you prepare for your wedding.

Nice: as a bonus, you have access to a section that helps you ask the right questions to service providers intervening in your marriage. Its price: 1.59 €.

In addition to this application, the Wedding Secret site offers wedding preparation tools: must see!

Learn more about iGuide Marriage

Wedding applications

This application offers lots of information about wedding anniversaries. Very interesting, it is generally offered at a price of 1.59 €.

IPhone wedding app

Learn more about Wedding

Application for wedding speech: iDiscours

Are you afraid of forgetting your speech at your wedding?

IDiscours logo

Here is the application you need: enter a text that you will have previously typed on computer and transferred via e-mail, then start scrolling: your iPhone turns into a teleprompter.

You just had to think about it. Its price: 3.99 € on the Apple Store. Learn more about iDiscours

Find a wedding venue: ABC Salles

A free application to find a reception hall in France.

ABC Salles app for iPhone

Room searches can also be done on a map:

ABC Salles for iPhone

Learn more about ABC Salles

Wedding anniversary sticky note

This app will remind you of your wedding anniversary ! The reminder frequency is adjustable.

Wedding anniversary app

The application is also available for women, with a different design:

Remember wedding anniversary

Learn more about Wedding Anniversary Sticky Notes. If with all this, your marriage is not successful!

Application for "Le Printemps" Wedding List

This free app allows you to manage your wedding list, view fashion catalogs in pictures and videos, convert sizes and have access to exclusive videos.

Spring application

Wedding 911 the wedding faq

The big wedding FAQ, or how to ask the right questions to your guests, know how to tell them the dress code for your wedding, how to clean a greasy stain on a dress at the last moment, when to cut the cake ...

How do I inform my guests?

In addition, a forum allows you to ask questions and share her answers with other brides-to-be.

Forum for bride-to-be

Wedding Watches and Jewelry try the Boucheron app

Try on watches and jewelry without leaving the house ! Discover the history and iconic models of the brand in detail and in high resolution on your iPhone.

To do this, take a picture of your hand or your wrist., and the app shows you the result. Bluffing and very nice!

Wedding Dress Look Book

The big book of wedding dresses. This cool app allows you to enter your measurements, the theme of your wedding as well as the main features of your personality and in return suggests wedding dresses.

Flange Guide

Although the app is in English, the intent is great. To be tested urgently.

Wedding Games: Wedding Dash

This application is a service game where you have to place the guests by tables, then serve them with a menu they like.Wedding Dash, wedding game for iphone

A taste of the difficulties that await you on the long road leading to marriage!

Wedding Dash game

Allows you to decompress between two meetings and improve in the creation of seating plans.

Prepare and organize your wedding with Wedding Wire

An iPhone application to prepare and organize your wedding, from the choice of reception locations to providers, in the form of checklists / tick boxes.

Wedding Wire

Check that you haven't forgotten anything

Wedding Wire allows you to see what is done or remains to be done, what has been booked, paid or not. In short, a reminder. The plus: the application is free.

Wedding Wire

Your budget broken down by expense item

Liza's Simple Soirée party planner

An iPhone application practical for creating your guest list and planning your festive evenings. Each guest has a detailed file (an idea that we had already mentioned in thearticle about wedding blogs).

Simple Evening party planner

The app allows you to create and send invitations original and neat. You can also manage your shopping list as well as the progress of your decoration. Indispensable for a successful evening!

iWedding iPhone Wedding Planner

Another wedding preparation app, quite similar Simple Soirée presented above.


A "top 5" of your priorities is constantly visible on the screen, and the application allows you to choose the places of reception, the rings, create your seating plan by indicating whether some people are vegetarians, diabetics, etc ... In addition, iWedding displays a very nice countdown.

Seating plan and indication of culinary preferences

To see here: iTunes store

Wedding Envi

Wedding Envi is a shopping app allowing you to browse the web through product families: shoes, wedding dresses, cake, place cards, hairstyles, decoration, etc ...

Shopping app

Photos scroll across the screen and just click on it to be redirected to the merchant site that offers them.

Scrolling images

Flange Guide

One of the most advanced applications in wedding planning, which focuses on the "details that kill" so that on D-Day, everything is perfect.

Application menu

The option the organization of the budget is very complete and the famous "list of things to prepare" is one of the most complete in this comparison.

The little extra of this application is that you can add elements in this list, and even contacts: a saleswoman who advised you well and that you would like to recontact for advice, for example, or your wedding-planner.

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