Alternatives to classic sugared almonds
Alternatives to classic sugared almonds

Dragees in a container

The dragees we offer are of high quality but sometimes, we want to organize an event which is out of the ordinary, or when you don't really like sugared almonds.

We then turn to these alternatives, which we have gleaned for you on the Internet.

The m & m's

My m & m's service allows you to personalize (colors, text) your m & m's. The texts to be engraved are rather short. M & m's wedding

These candies are available in 1, 2 or 3 mixed colors, presented in the form of “classic” or “design” boxes, or as a set (by 30, by 50…).

For more originality, choose a container that will showcase them well:

Test tube

The macaroons

The macaroon is a grainy cupcake made from egg whites, sugar and crushed almonds.

This option usually requires a higher budget, but your guests will remember it.


Take the detail further by matching their colors to those of your decoration.

We suggest an original presentation below of these, based on metal wire.

Macaroons presented on metal wire

The smarties

You can offer smarties, but these are not customizable.


Other possibilities

  • wedding chocolates : They make great guest gifts and can be personalized. Present them preferably in ballotins, sachets or other containers.
  • cookies : to buy or to "make at home".


- the nougats and calissons :



- original creations :

Facebook cookies

- the personalized sugared almonds :

There are now sugared almonds engraving : the dragees below have for example received a decoration "engagement rings" but many illustrations are possible.



To present in small jars such as the one available on our site (below). Some people prepare small jars of jam which they distribute to the guests, in addition to or instead of the sugared almonds. To reserve for the most talented of you!


These few ideas You may be able to innovate and offer a credible alternative to sugared almonds! Do not hesitate to contact us if you want advice or ideas.

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