A natural centerpiece in the colors of autumn
A natural centerpiece in the colors of autumn

We will show you in a few steps, how to make a table's center suitable forfall. For the colors, we have chosen natural tones in connection with this season: orange, cream, chocolate and red.

In this spirit, find or discover the autumnal table Undergrowth atmosphere.

The autumnal centerpiece made with a long table runner

First of all, we have laid out on our table a non-woven tablecloth orange.

Orange non-woven tablecloth

Then we unrolled a table runner throughout the length of the table.

Our choice fell on a metallic abaca table runner ivory which allows contrast with the mat aspect of non-woven. In addition, this material offers a very natural look.

Orange non-woven tablecloth with abaca table runner

Finally, we have distributed natural decorative elements, tinted in shades of red and chocolate. The object of the game is to arrange these elements so that they look like they have fallen from a tree, so a random way.

You can therefore overflow these objects a little on the tablecloth, but not too much, in order to leave enough space for the guests.

Centerpiece in fall colors

The autumnal centerpiece made with a tête-à-tête table runner

Still on our orange tablecloth, this time we have installed chocolate-colored abaca table runners which stands out very well on orange.

We cut it to arrange them in face-to-face, which favors the communication of the guests seated face to face.

Table runners in chocolate abaca

Then the natural decorative elements were added, Between the table runners by overflowing a little on them. You can find the links to these products at the end of the article. Those deco boxes contain objects such as pine cones, bugs, rattan balls… Perfect for fall!

Centerpiece decoration for fall

Find our backs Table runners for more details on this must-have accessory from a table decoration successful.

Products and accessories used

All the products and table accessories mentioned in this page come from online sales sites:

  • Layer
  • Abaca table runner
  • Decoration box

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