Unusual wedding: get married underwater!
Unusual wedding: get married underwater!

While diving

The wedding dress and the gentleman's costume

Underwater, difficult to wear a wedding dress splendid decorated with many decorations and which was expensive, under penalty of seeing all your efforts fall by the wayside.

Unusual wedding: get married underwater!

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Wetsuits are worn under clothing, for sir as for madame. It is therefore not recommended - for the future bride - to wear a loose dress. Of course, this is valid for all your underwater guests.

Where to get married

These services are offered in many countries, because marriage under water is more and more trendy. Thailand, China, Canada, Florida, but also France (especially in the Mediterranean).

Unusual wedding: get married underwater!

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Diving can be an exchange of vows after the traditional ceremony in town hall, or the wedding itself can take place underwater. For this purpose, small panels will allow you to exchange your wishes.

Small precautions to take

Plan several outfits, because of course you will only be able to wear the same ones underwater.

Don't neglect safety : for this contact reliable companies such as Tropic Scope (Mauritius). If necessary, contact town halls or tourist offices for advice.

The underwater diving wedding is not accessible to all, but only to people with sufficient diving experience (ask the service providers), in general 5 to 10 dives are required.

Provide a device capable of taking pictures underwater : the photos taken underwater are often very successful. Be careful, however, of the possible lack of light.

In a submarine

This option will allow you to get married on site (exchange of consents which can be immortalized by a diver) then to have a meal / a glass of champagne (maximum 4 people)! Unforgettable !

Unusual wedding: get married underwater!

Upcoming projects

Underwater architects have limitless imaginations.

This is how you can also eat underwater in the famous Ithaa restaurant… Price between 150 and 300 euros per person.

Unusual wedding: get married underwater!

… and even soon to sleep underwater, in a hotel under construction: the Poseidon Undersea Resort, fabulous but very expensive: $ 15,000 a week.

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