Table runners: types, materials, colors … part 4
Table runners: types, materials, colors … part 4

Decorative elements to disperse

You may have seen it in some of our photos and in the pages "Table decoration", small parts are often enough to create an elaborate table and aesthetic. Thus, small decorative elements can effectively decorate your table runners and especially push the refinement of a table decoration theme even further. Among these decorative elements, we find:
  • Diamonds
  • glitter elements
  • small table confetti
  • small metallic bundles
  • seashells and pebbles
  • flowers and petals
  • rattan balls and decorative box
  • feathers
  • non-woven confetti

Different decorative elements to sprinkle will produce different atmospheres!


Fuchsia diamond

Heart Shaped Diamonds on Silver Metallic Table Runner

Diamonds are good friends of chic decor! Your turn to judge :

Black diamonds forming a heart You can use them by scattering them on your tablecloth or table runner. But you can also, like in the photo above, form patterns in the theme of your table decoration. Their light reflections bring a lot of elegance and agree very readily with a glitter pattern table runner such as the table runner "in organza with glitter dots" or with a "baroque table runner" for example.

Fuchsia diamond on piece of black sparkle table runner

Fuchsia diamond on piece of black sparkle table runner.

Glittery elements

Turquoise glitter star

In magical atmosphere, ideal at the time of the end of year celebrations or a wedding, dglittery elements can remind you of the table runner with a sparkling appearance, without necessarily being placed on it. Indeed, we can use the small decorative elements to come dress the table runner or for echo this topping. White glitter stars to match the glitter polka dot table runner

White glitter stars echoing the glitter polka dot table runner

There are different shapes of glittering elements of this kind, such as hearts, stars, small balls ...

Glitter elements

Small table confetti

Gold metallic heart confettiAlways in the idea of ​​chic and sparkling, it is easy to match a metallic table runner with small confetti with a metal effect, such as these charming golden hearts in various formats:

Golden crystal table runner with small golden hearts

Table runner golden crystals matched with table confetti in the shape of golden hearts.

Note that if we had placed these confetti on the golden table runner, they would have melted into the patterns of the table runner!

There are of course other colors and effects such as these heart-shaped confetti:

Heart-shaped table confetti, iridescent color

Heart-shaped table confetti, iridescent color

Small metallic bundles

Silver wooden sticksVery cute ! These kind of small decorations can be made by yourself if you like to DIY. For this you need to collect small pieces of wood that you will saw, then cover with a spray of silver paint. Once your pieces of wood are dry, put them together small bundles by tying them with a piece of assorted raffia. If you don't particularly like tinkering, know that there are ready-made ones sold! Small bundles of painted wood

Seashells and pebbles

Black lacquered pebblesTo create an atmosphere on the sea ​​theme, place pebbles here and there to remind you of the beach, as well as decorative shells (be careful if you collect your shells yourself, wash them well). Notice that in the photo above, the table runner is in blue organdy, very fluid, chosen to recall the sea or a stream ... Turquoise organdy table runner with white pebbles

For a zen atmosphere, relaxing or in a natural spirit ...

Seashells The pebbles are lacquered, which gives them a nice shiny and smooth appearance. Below, another organza table runner with white lacquered pebbles. Here the decorative elements and table runners are complementary : the white pebbles are "heavy", the table runner is black and fragile. White lacquered pebbles on black organdy table runner

Flowers and petals

Artificial flower

Very pleasant to decorate its table runners with floral decorations or from artificial petals… Ideal for a decoration of wedding table or party on the theme of flowers, plants or nature. This kind of natural decorations will go perfectly with a table runner in tarlatan or abaca (tree fibers). All in pictures: Purple artificial petals on tarlatan table runner

Delicate light and natural decoration, with fabric rose petals.

You can just as easily scatter artificial flowers (so as not to stain the table runner).

The advantage is that they are infinitely reusable ...

The side rural brought by the natural fibers of the table runners will be even more supported if you have artificial flowers.decoration with artificial flowers on tarlatan table runner

Artificial flower without purple stemRattan balls and decorative box

White rattan ballTo bring a natural or exotic touch to your table decoration, we suggest you use rattan balls. You can choose several colors, always matched to your two or three chosen colors. Rattan balls will go well with natural looking table runners (tarlatan, abaca) as with more delicate table runners (non-woven, organdy). That's the point of rattan balls! Decoration of the non-woven table runner with various rattan balls The decoration boxes have the advantage of being composed of rattan balls of different sizes, as well as bark, pine cones in a camaieux. Perfect for a very natural fall decor.

Natural elements on abaca table runner

Elements of the natural box and table runner in chocolate abaca.


Burgundy featherA cozy table can have feathers, like down, colored. This type of element brings a lot of sweetness to a decoration and soothes.

If you are eating a meal outside, it will be more difficult to scatter feathers as they are. You can then Tie them together with a pretty thread or thin ribbon.

Decoration with tied black feathers

The feathers have been tied together, arranged parallel to the table runner

Non-woven confetti

Heart-shaped non-woven table confettiIdeal for a wedding, confetti in the shape of heart or circles are made of non-woven. They will match preferences with a table runner in the same material.

Wedding table with table runner and non-woven confetti

Heart-shaped confetti in gray non-woven, and "Je t'aime" table runner in white non-woven.

Here, the table runner has inscriptions, that is why we will arrange the confetti nearby, so as to leave visible what is written.

Now you will know how to choose your decorative elements in relation to your table runner, or the atmosphere you want to give to your table decoration! Here are some additional advice pages:

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Goodbye !

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