DIY centerpiece ideas
DIY centerpiece ideas

Very beautiful "bundles" centerpieces!

For Xmas and / or for the New Year, those centerpieces will not require you to devote a lot of time to it since you will only need to place them in the middle of your table decoration !

It is wooden bundles, silver or natural, 30 centimeters high, held by raffia of the same color.Fagot centerpiece 30cm, silver and nature For a colorful table decoration, we can even paint the natural pattern, using a spray paint.

Dragee tree centerpiece

Do you want to present your dragees in an original way? We suggest you make it your centerpiece thanks to this sugared almonds tree !

Sugared almonds tree Serving suggestion. Plexiglas balls and sugared almonds are not provided. Sugared almonds tree

DIY maritime centerpiece

Today we will make you work! Here are all the steps to carry out a marine themed centerpiece. For that, you will need:
  • Decorative sand, turquoise
  • An assortment of seashells
seashell assortment
  • Metal lantern, chocolate And here is the result with all the accessories arranged in the center of your maritime table: maritime-adult-9326ok.jpg

Centerpiece for maritime decoration 2nd version

Today, it's up to you to work: recreate yourself a composition imagined by our team! a table's center perfect for a maritime decoration !

Centerpiece for maritime decoration To make this centerpiece, go to the table decoration accessories sales sites! You will find :
  • a wooden box, natural
  • a box of colored sand, turquoise
  • candles torch, tangerine
  • "sailboat" place cards
  • "flagship" place cards
  • “buoy” nominettes

Open, open the birdcage ...

New on online sales sites! Discover this charming Bird cage who will be, for sure, one of the stars of your decoration !

Open, open the birdcage ....

You can, for example, use it in table's center, or even use it as urn. Do not hesitate to dress it up with ribbon or automatic bows! >>> Also discover the miniature bird cages available online!

A pretty decoration to make yourself!

Today we offer you to realize yourself a very simple decoration, but which will be the most beautiful effect on your table! For that, you will need:
  • 1 "rainbow" test tubeRainbow test tube
  • 30 cm of metal wire to shapeSpool of aluminum wire 5m, fuchsia
  • 1 flower without stemWhite stemless flowersAnd here is the result of this perfect little decorative arrangement for your centerpiece:

Rainbow table decoration + flowers

See the news decorating ideas for this table.

Our tip: To form the spiral, wrap the wire around a felt !

We offer some variations for table decorations that we offer you regularly.

Table decoration red gray ecru

Very aesthetic, the small tulle bags with a feather tail will be perfect for your centerpieces or to place on your plates.

Plate and napkin folding with feather

See the decorating ideas for this table.

Gray fuchsia pink table decoration

The idea is very simple to fill small transparent vase with small metal balls, you will make a beautiful centerpiece. You can also fill your vases with other decorative elements like colored sand.

Table end decoration

See our fuchsia pink table decoration for this table.

Table decoration accessories

You are looking forelegant and festive ideas for your decoration ? This collection " Let the party begin Is made for you! The proof in pictures.

Guestbook "Let the Party Begin"

Guestbook Let the party begin

"Let the Party Begin" urn

Ballot box Let the party begin

"Let the Party Begin" disposable napkins

Disposable towels Let the party begin

Decorative elements equally well suited to weddings that to retirements, of birthdays...

Giant wooden pliers

We present to you a new product: the giant wooden pliers.
With a size of 22.5cm x 4.5cm, they allow you to compose original table decorations, as you will see.Giant wooden pliers A real parade of colors for these giant pliers. To be used as an original menu holder:

Giant wooden pliers

Or as a mood element or name tag:

Giant wooden pliers

These maxi-clips can also be used as an original decoration by combining them with other elements such as driftwood:

Giant wooden pliers

The soliflore at the center of the table

Here is a new product to discover on the site: a 25cm high glass soliflore.

6350-2024 1

Elegant, it will bring height to your decoration. Transparent, it will not harm the brightness of your table.

6350-2024 2

This product easily adapts to many different styles of decorations table or room. Adopt it! table's center

These examples of use clearly show the qualities of this decorative element. Find it in the glassware and vases department store.

A "stake" slate to discover

For a wedding, an anniversary or even a retirement, this " slate stake »Will find multiple functions.
Use it for indicate the path to take to get from the town hall to the next room, or to mark your photobooth, your cocktail bars and other candy bars. Giant slate stake Serving suggestion. For a precise and clean result, use a felt-tip pen or gel pen. Also think about it for your decoration! Why not write the names of the tables there?Giant slate stake Also discover our mini-slates for a matching decoration!

A magnificent centerpiece to discover!

Silver color, this display stand proudly in the center of your table, bringing it height and elegance! Dragee display, 6-tier tree On one of our table decorations, we chose to hang plexiglass hearts, after putting red feathers on them. You can also choose plexiglass balls (in which you will have placed some delicious dragees), or even dragee clothes. Dragee display, 6-tier tree

Bring a little height to your decoration!

In search of'decoration ideas for flowery or romantic tables ? We have what you need ! Twisted metal flowers It is hearts and flowers made of metal, with a twisted stem which can accommodate an object up to 5cm in diameter: plexiglass ball, sachets, dragee leaves but also small candles. You can also use it as a place card, attaching a mini clip and a cardboard name tag. Twisted Metal Hearts You had also used a tosadée flower on our easter table decoration. 2 Twisted anise green flowers You too, share the photos of your table decorations on our Facebook page !

Colorful centerpiece!

Romantic decoration of "heart" trays

Here is a set of two heart-shaped trays. We love it, especially for a wedding ! You can, for example, drop dragees there to offer it to your guests during the reception ...
23213.jpg They will also very beautiful centerpieces for a romantic decoration as you wish ! Here we just put some granules decorative and a candle in the colors of the table.
  • Heart trays
  • Decorative granules
  • Round candle
Their slightly aged and patinated appearance is particularly successful. Warning, the two trays are not the same size. The smallest measures approximately Ø 18 cm and the largest Ø 24 cm.

A perfect composition for a round table

Looking for ideas of compositions or from centerpieces for a round table ? You are in the right place ! the table's center that we offer you today is square. A great way to highlight the shape of your table creating a beautiful visual effect. A perfect composition for a round table Even if the board is square, everything in this composition recalls the shape of the table : the aquarium, the candles, but also the flowers without stems, arranged in a circle. For reproduce this centerpiece, you'll need : And this is the final result : Round table decoration with a square centerpiece

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