Unusual weddings: getting married in a castle
Unusual weddings: getting married in a castle

Unusual weddings: getting married in a castle

Several possibilities

When we talk about marriage in a castle, it is in fact most often the reception after the wedding itself., unless the castle has a chapel large enough to host a religious wedding.

Unusual weddings: getting married in a castle

In some cities, and exceptionally (easier in small localities, less overloaded with marriages), the mayor can travel to celebrate the wedding outdoors. As such, a castle, generally with a large garden or a park, is ideal.

Remember to see all the modalities with the town hall, and to provide a fallback solution in the event of bad weather.

Organization and practical details

Getting married in a castle, great ! But we will have to organize everything so that the ceremony is perfect. Have you thought of everything ?

Important points to watch out for are more diverse than for a classic room rental:

  • List of equipment available
  • Surface of the garden, rooms
  • Potentially dangerous places for children (watercourses or moats, parapets, balconies, etc.)
  • Places to park vehicles
  • Possibility to sleep on site? If so how many people
  • Authorized or prohibited spaces
  • Will you be alone or with a steward of the castle
  • Photographer: can we take pictures of everything, image rights
  • Day and time of key collection
  • Meals outside or inside

- etc ..

Unusual weddings: getting married in a castle

Consider browsing the Internet for advice, forums are often a gold mine, because you are not the first to get married in a castle.

How much does it cost

Budget wise, renting a castle is of course a significant investment. The castle in question can belong to individuals, to a town hall, or to a company, and this can influence the services offered and the conditions (servers, security deposit, contract).

Note that you can rent access to the park and the castle, or simply rent the park, and set up tents or a barnum there, in order to reduce costs.

The prices are very varied, so here is an example of service:

name Esclimont Castle
Place 20km from Chartres (28)
Framework Green and very wooded, river nearby
Services 2 tennis courts, swimming pool, golf area, massages ...
More details Superb 16th century style castle, with multiple balconies and turrets.
Two reception rooms, total capacity 120 people.
Prices 40 to 100 guests: Trianon pavilion, 2350
100 to 180 guests (possible up to 400): Trophy pavilion, 3,950
Information Website of the Château d'Esclimont

Some photos of Esclimont castle:

Facade of Esclimont castleUnusual weddings: getting married in a castle

General view of the site

Exposed stone dining room Unusual weddings: getting married in a castle

A wedding in the park, very romantic!

Ideas and advice

Since you want to make this moment an exceptional memory, do not leave any detail to chance. Here are our tips:

  • Make an appointment in several castles that you will have spotted in advance, ask questions prepared in advance
  • Plan all the practical aspects: weather forecast, parking, rooms, meals, schedules
  • Request an ultra-detailed quote
  • Ask what you have access to (lake, woods, park, rooms, balconies, terraces) or not
  • Ask the owners for advice, maybe you haven't thought of everything
  • Take advantage of your visit to imagine possible games: for example, a boat trip on the lake, racket games in the grass, football, is that allowed, etc.
  • Make a contact in order to have a reference person in the event of a problem
  • If you are planning to use a caterer, read our File on the right questions to ask a caterer

Good luck, and don't hesitate to send us your photos of these unforgettable moments!

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