Pirate atmosphere: dress up!
Pirate atmosphere: dress up!


Hat / headwear

Unavoidable ! Any self-respecting pirate wears a hat, beanie or at least a bandana.

Pirate top hat

In addition to an aesthetic function, these clothes also protect against unfortunate sword or dagger blows.

Skull bandana

They give a mean look that will frighten your opponents from the first glance.


The pirate's pants are black, and often baggy. This once again helps protect his legs from blows. For a woman, the pants may be lighter and ensure easy travel.

Pirate Woman Costume


The pirate is wearing a plain jacket, which may be black, or various colors. Most often, the pirate also wears a belt and a practical sword holder.

Pirate woman

Even children have to fight:

Pirate costume for a child


For protection, the smart pirate always has a pair of gloves with him, which also serve to show its colors.

Pirate gloves

The hook will impress your opponents. Usually, the captain of the ship wears the hook. He will have lost his hand in an epic fight.

Pirate hook

The pirate eye patch : no longer go out without your eye patch, let's see!

Skull bandana

For men, the earring is also recommended (see above).

the pirate flag is also a must: wear it over clothing or let it float to proudly display your colors.

Pirate flag

Hair and beard

Man or woman, wear long hair: this will protect you from blows to the throat ! Gentlemen, beards will give you a more manly look, think about it!

You can let them grow or invest in hairpieces:

Malicious hacker

Pirate wig, bandana and hairpiece

To arms!

Here are the pirate's favorite weapons: sword, dagger, pistol and short rifle.

So when is your next fancy dress party?, or your next bachelor party?

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