Country atmosphere: dress up!
Country atmosphere: dress up!

Today we present you the essential elements if you want to dress up as a cowboy or cowgirl. for a fancy dress party or a bachelor party.

The emergence and development of country dance parties and clubs helps a lot to find many accessories for this kind of costumes.

If you are a fan of country dancing and want to push the detail to the max, so read on.

Hat essential

The essential accessory of the country disguise is of course the hat, you do not go out without your headgear (and in addition, it protects against bullets!).

Country hat

To wear on the head, or suspended in the back thanks to the lace which is most often integrated. Be careful with the style of the hat, not all of them are suitable for a cowboy or cowgirl costume.

Brown cowboy hat

In addition to the hat, we advise you to equip yourself with a red bandana worn around the neck : the two usually go hand in hand.

Your boots, they kick me

The other essential accessory for any self-respecting cowboy are boots.. Prefer them with straps (for the look)!

Cowboy boots and hat


For the top of your suit, a retro patterned shirt does the trick..

To polish the details, you can add a jacket, and don't forget to equip yourself with a belt.

Cowboy hat and jacket

The bandana is essential to complete the whole.

Cowboy bandanas


A cowboy can wear jeans, that's okay. Cowgirls too will have to wear jeans. An easy to find accessory.

Weapons and belts

The detail that makes the difference: a belt and pistols.

Cowboy gun

With that, you will have class in the evening. Promised sworn.

Cowboy gun

You can also find these kinds of accessories in a toy store, for a modest price. A belt also gives a very cowboy look :

Belt for cowboy pistol

Sexy cowgirl

A sexy variation of the cowgirl costume can be easily obtained, by equipping yourself with a boa and a hat with rhinestones:

Sexy cow girl hat with rhinestones

Sheriff costume

The sheriff costume varies little from that of the cowboy, think on the other hand to bring a star. At the top, a shirt does the trick.

Don't be bad taste by wearing handcuffs : in the days of the far west, we used a good old rope to tie a prisoner, not handcuffs!

Cowboy costume for kids

A cowboy or cowgirl costume for a child will be easy to make. Jeans, a retro shirt, a hat in his size, the pistols and the belt, and off we go.

Cowboy costume for kids

We offer a cute cowboy costume for a girl, see above.

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