Hippie atmosphere: easy disguise
Hippie atmosphere: easy disguise

We will show you how to disguise easily by completely changing your style, for a costume party on the hippie theme, the 60s, or to become unrecognizable at any festive event.

Hippie man and woman costumes with inflatable guitar

The ideal if you are going as a couple to a hippy party, is to find assorted disguises for perfect harmony. Or you can play on the opposition : one disguises himself as a hippie and the other as a soldier!

The 60s

For the story: the hippie movement was born in the United States in the 1960s, but the equivalent was found in France a few years later, with the famous revolution of 1968.

Hippie couple in blue and brown disguise

Their values ​​were based on the refusal of the consumer society and materialism, the rejection of authority and freedom (sexual among others), the search for more authentic human relationships, ie universal brotherhood, and the return to nature.

The physical characteristics of the hippie movement

All these typical elements of hippies will allow you to reproduce men's and women's style followers of the movement:

  • long hair left loose or the afro cut, the beard, the mustache, the hair free in short!

Long pink hippie wig

  • the headband placed in the Indian style
  • Small round glasses à la John Lennon

Hippie with big round glasses and headband

  • the pendant Peace & Love
  • wide shirts, tunics with floral designs or in bright colors

Hippie woman with floral shirt

  • the elephant leg pants, in jeans, often personalized with embroidery, rhinestones, flowers ...
  • also the mini-skirt or the skirt for the women, as well as the "legs of eph"

Floral tights

  • sandals or bare feet
  • patchouli scent

Hippie couple with inflatable banjo

You can find all these items and many others in the hippie disguises department.

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