Dress up cheap: Smurf
Dress up cheap: Smurf

We know that children love to dress up. But now, the originality is sometimes lacking, and the budget more. So we thought of a very economical disguise (between 5 and 10 €) and relatively easy to do : a Smurf.

Smurf coloring

From the famous comic of Peyo, the Smurfs are easy to recognize characters : they are blue, inhabit mushrooms, speak Smurf and eat sarsaparilla.

So to transform your toddler into a real little smurf, you first need the main attribute of this character as tall as three apples: the smurf beanie (see end of article). You can find it in our shop:

Smurf hat on a head

Then you need a blue t-shirt, which preferably draws on turquoise, as well as a White "panties" and shoes, boots or better white boots.

The plus: the little blue tail smurf on her panties. For example, you can inflate a blue balloon a little and hang it up.

Finally, get a make-up cup for children, obviously blue, and brush the faces of the baby smurfs with it!

Blue make-up cup for children


Remember, each smurf has its own specificity. You can therefore differentiate your little smurfs on a birthday, for example.

You can find these items on our online store, specializing in parties, decorations-fetes.fr:

  • a smurf beanie
  • a blue makeup cup

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