Traditions at a wedding – Holiday Decorations
Traditions at a wedding – Holiday Decorations

Why are we throwing rice?

The rice throw is a symbol that evokes the fertility of this cereal. By throwing rice, we symbolically transmit fertility to our newlyweds, reference to the traditional function of marriage: reproduction.

Why, at a wedding ...?

Of our time, we also throw lavender or confetti on the newly united couple. We can also offer a bouquet of lavender to the bride, which evokes the love and wedding of lavender (46 years of marriage).

Why do we wear the wedding ring on the left hand?

Several explanations for this tradition. An old belief suggests that the left ring finger is connected to the heart by a vein, la veina amoris. A strong symbol, therefore, to wear the wedding ring on this finger.

Why, at a wedding ...?

A tradition of the Church has also instituted this finger to wear the ring, indicated by the priest, the ring finger evoking the Holy Spirit. In some countries, even in Europe, the wedding ring is worn on the right hand or on the thumb for example.

Why is the bride's dress usually white?

The white color expresses the virginity received during baptism, purity and gentleness. In the past, it was more the red that was the rule (the cheapest color to obtain in general).

Why do we need witnesses to get married?

In the context of civil marriage, the witness has been required since 1792. He must be of legal age and understand French. He / she attests to the smooth running of the marriage and the honesty of the spouses.

Why, at a wedding ...?

For a religious wedding, the witnesses are responsible for the exchange of consents, and the witness, after the marriage, will be present in the event of difficulties or problems in the couple, to help the spouses.

Why do we exchange alliances?

For civil marriage, the exchange of alliances is a tradition which is not enshrined in law. Thus, nothing obliges you to exchange alliances, and the registrar can even refuse this exchange, symbol of commitment.

Why, at a wedding ...?

If you are also getting married in church, the exchange of alliances is generally done after their blessing by the priest. It symbolizes commitment, union between spouses and with God.

Finally, alliances are the public symbol of your mutual commitment.

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