Theme ideas for your fancy dress parties
Theme ideas for your fancy dress parties

It is not always easy to find a original theme for a costume party. We will offer you here different atmospheres that we found attractive.

Egyptian costume

After having chosen, it's up to you to push your atmosphere to the end: decoration, and the must is tomatch your aperitifs, meals or cooked dishes to your theme.

If you have any other interesting ideas or experiences, feel free to share them with us via the comments!

The colour

“Tonight is a party in pink! »And yes, quite simply a color ! Easier for you and your guests, because once you have chosen your reference color, you just need to decline it everywhere : your costume, your accessories, your hair, your skin!

Do not forget to recharge the batteries of your camera, because it will be really interesting to review this colorful evening.

Ideally, also match all your decor in this monochrome, and you will get a supernatural atmosphere and very impressive.

Theme on a letter of the alphabet

To give free rein to the envy and imagination of your guests, offer a costume party with a letter "A", "B" ...

The fictional characters

Comics, cartoons, books, video games... It is easy to find a character, which we particularly like, and totally fictional.

Enough to revive thechildhood of each and to discover anecdotes of your friends or relatives.

Spiderman costume

Here are some ideas of loose disguises: Tintin, Alice (in Wonderland), Aladdin, Jack Sparrow, Pippi Longstocking, Lucky Luke, Batman, the Joker or Catwoman, Picsou, Gaston Lagaffe, Bécassine, the Smurmphs, Asterix, Achille Talon , Superman, Sailor Moon, Spong Bob, Dragon Ball ...

Back to the past

A historic evening would tempt you? You just need to choose an era that allows you to find relatively varied costumes.

Historical disguise

For example, the Ancient Rome offers different possibilities of disguise: ancient goddess, Roman citizen, gladiator, emperor ... Don't hesitate to suggest some ideas for your guests who have little imagination!

The Middle Ages, the Far West, ancient Egypt, but also the Renaissance for an evening under the theme of elegance ...


One evening theme per country leaves wide possibilities to your friends. Spain, Japan, Hawaii, Italy, USA, Mexico, Russian, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, India, China ...

What to offer you a change of scenery throughout an evening. You can, moreover, and if you wish to increase the difficulty, specify your theme: very specific city, the beach, or Japanese tourists in the USA, or "travelers" which could constitute a theme in itself (suitcase, ticket of travel, sunglasses, geographical map ...

Country themed costumes

It is quite possible to choose onlya region in France, or that everyone chooses to represent a region: Breton, Alsatian, Basque, Corsican, Norman, Parisian ...

Everyone will be very motivated to possibly discover the regional folklore of their native town.

Eccentric for music

60's, 70's or 80's: years of musical styles very special and recognizable.

60s, 70s, 80s costume

The costumes for these themes are quite easily found, and sometimes you just have to search old cupboards to find some vintage accessories!

Be a star

Marilyn Monroe, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga… They have nothing in particular… apart from their look of course ! So no stress, you will easily be able to slip into the shoes of a star with sparkling accessories.

Wig, sunglasses, glitter sets, makeup and false eyelashes, don't skimp on the glamor.

Be a stars: Marilyn, Amy Winehouse, Elvis

Funnier still: the unsung stars, or having had a quick career! You can take inspiration from people from reality TV, if you and your friends have a favorite show ...

The evening will be punctuated by chain riddles and why not, set up a quiz with a small gift at the end!

Popular ideas

Make an act of modernity, thanks to these latest fancy dress party trends : " Angel or demon ? "," Black and white "for a successful graphic effect," Mousse evening "to be able to jump into the bubbles," Organic evening ", green or simply" Nature "," Sexy chic evening " for a glamorous and glittery evening, “Electro evening”, tecktonik or lounge: play with fluorescent, phosphorescent colors, shiny leggings…

Angel and demon costume

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