Halloween costumes: the witch
Halloween costumes: the witch

Today, among our articles dedicated to Halloween, we invite you to dress up as a witch.

Pointed hat, turlututu

If there is one very important element in the witch costume, it is the hat.. It should be sharp, and if possible distorted. Its appearance must be scary.

Halloween witch costume for a child

Be convincing

The tunic is also an important part of the witch costume. It can be with irregular edges (see above) or simply appear dirty, disgusting. It will be all the more convincing.

Broom and witch hat

A spider on the ceiling

Consider covering yourself with disgusting accessories, such as dummy spider web. Unfold it and put it on your hat, on your clothes.

Halloween accessory, spider web

Disgusting and sticky effect guaranteed!

Think about the accessories!

The accessories are very important, the broom for example:

Witch broom

False nails and false eyelashes will make you even nastier:

False eyelashes, false nails and glitter kit

You can also use makeup to simulate big pimples on your face and be even more convincing, sticking to the traditional image of the witch.

Pumpkins, cauldrons and other magic wands are welcome. The wand can be a simple piece of twisted wood, for example.


Finally, to finalize your disguise, why not dye your hair, thanks to our special bombs?

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