Examples of wedding ring holders for your wedding
Examples of wedding ring holders for your wedding

Here are some examples of ring holder for your wedding. Different styles and colors, in order to try to satisfy everyone, because as we know, "the tastes and the colors, that cannot be discussed"!

Square satin cushion

Square cushion in white satin

Very stylish the satin material. It offers light reflections for a luxurious effect. This wedding ring cushion is decorated with a small bouquet of flowers in satin fabric, as well as a few sections of ribbons. Ideal for a traditional classy wedding.

The sisal heart cushion

Sisal heart cushion

This sisal heart brightly colored is a modern way to present wedding rings during the ceremony. It is available in turquoise, red, fuchsia, anise, chocolate and natural. From bright and trendy tones.

Ideal for a colorful wedding, or on the nature theme. In the latter case, you can use small butterfly-shaped clips to stick to your ambiance.

There are many ways to customize your wedding ring cushion, as below, with an automatic knot on which you will attach your wedding rings (why not by hanging them on each of the ribbons) and a mini-slate for write the name of the bride and groom.

Red wedding ring cushion, personalized

The basket and its butterflies

If your wedding is on the butterfly theme, or in a country atmosphere, we suggest this adorable creation to make yourself.

Have a sisal basket for the natural look, and add a little sisal of a different color. Here we chose green for a grass print. All you have to do is add butterflies on the stem or on the clip. They are the ones who will wear the wedding rings!

Wedding ring made with penier, sisal and butterflies

The couple of wedding ring doves

Take a couple of doves (which already have false wedding rings in the mouthpiece) and remove the rings delicately (easy operation to do).

You can then pass a colored aluminum wire or not, in the spout hole. Form a small hook with this piece of aluminum (by wrapping it around a marker for example) in order to hang your rings.

And here is a lovely wedding ring holder for your wedding :

Couple of doves holding wedding rings in their beaks

The rustic wedding ring basket

Perfect for a wedding in the theme of nature, here is an example of wedding ring holder to make yourself. You will need a small wicker basket, some ribbon, some sisal and some flowers without stems.

Drop some sisal at the bottom of the basket and sprinkle some artificial flowers or natural (and in this case, as late as possible to prevent them from fading).

Then surround the handle of the basket with ribbon to match the doves (they match the decoration of your reception room).

Finally hang your wedding rings with this ribbon, at the top of the basket handle. And now, voila !

Country wicker basket, wedding ring holder

Most of these articles are available on specialist wedding sites. Here is a list that will allow you to obtainoriginal wedding rings :

  • Square cushion in white or ivory satin
  • Sisal cushion, heart shape
  • Mini-slate school type
  • Automatic mini-knot
  • Small sisal basket
  • Natural green or ivory sisal
  • Butterflies on stems or clamp
  • Couple of doves
  • Spool of metal wire
  • Gleaner, white wicker basket
  • Stemless Flowers
  • Satin ribbon

All that remains is to wish you all the happiness in the world for your wedding! See you soon for other wedding ring ideas ...

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