DIY candlesticks and tealight holders
DIY candlesticks and tealight holders


You need :

  • from verrines plastic or small glass jars that you usually collect
  • from candles floating, dish warmers or torch candles
  • of sand, from granules, or water

The advantage of using small containers appetizers first and foremost is their price. For less than 5 € you can buy ten glasses.

In addition, you will be able to adapt the colors and style to your table decoration. The fact that they are made of plastic is not dangerous, as long as the following advice is followed.

Romanticism on the menu

Candlestick to make with torch candle, verrine and decorative granules

The torch candle, or candle, offers height to your decoration. Particularly romantic, it lends itself for example to a candlelit dinner or a wedding decoration.

For this type of candle, you must choose a rather high verrine, such as the one above, from triangular shape. Fill it with sand or colored decorative granules to add style to your candle holder.

We have here the granulated the same color as the candle. So when the wax runs over the granules, it won't be too visible. But it is of course possible to match the candle to the verrine.

Warmth and modernity

Design candle holder with floating candle, verrine and granules

This verrine with cup shape will bring to your table decoration a very modern and design. We matched the floating candle to the cup and put on a small layer of brightly colored granules for a successful effect.

All the verrines that we present to you in this article are available on decoration sites in black, white and transparent.

Play with transparency!

Transparent glass, candle and sand used as tealight

This candle holder is original by its transparency. It allows to highlight the colored sand silver that fills it. There is a wide choice of colored sand on, but if you have the possibility and if it suits your decoration theme, to recover sea sand (rinse it).

The floating candle is simply placed on the pile of sand. We draw your attention to the interest of sufficiently fill the verrine, in order to maintain the flame of the candle higher than the plastic.


Candle holder made simply

In the same vein, here we have used a transparent appetizer to let appear two layers of granules.

You can use this principle by matching the colors of the sand or granules to your room decoration. You can also do more layers colours.

Tealight with tea light

Make your own candle holder with verrine, granule and tea light

Even more economic that the floating candles, the tea lights lend themselves very well to the creation of candle holders.

It is necessary drive them almost to the edge, in sand or granules for more aesthetics.

Notice that the round of this tea light candle is made of clear plastic, which provides better effect than the metal outline.

This verrine in tulip shape will be particularly suitable for a table on a floral theme.

The candle that floats

Candle holder for a decoration on the theme of the sea

Perfect for a atmosphere on the theme of the sea or water. Use the function of the floating candle: fill your verrine with water, placing a thin layer of granules (and not sand, which will tend to float).

And here is a pretty candle holder which will find its place on a marine table.

Maximum light

Glass filled with water and floating candle for economical tealight

Using a transparent glass filled with water keeps as much light as possible emitted by the floating candle.

The cup-shaped verrine being not very high, the candle touches the bottom. You can add a layer of granules, but this is not essential.

You will find all these products and others on online sales sites:

  • Square glasses
  • Cup glasses
  • Triangular glasses
  • Tulip verrines
  • Sand and colored decorative granules
  • Floating candles
  • Tea light candles
  • Torch candles

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